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Forward-looking, yet easily comprehensible tools for quantitative research at one’s fingertips.

Flexible incentivization & loyalty programmes
Recruitment and permanent panel curation
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In the first 5 years on the market, our software products conquered one continent after another: Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas.

We have run large-scale projects & delighted enterprise clients in over 20 countries, taking Questia innovation to the next level, every day.

5 Continents
20 Countries
over 100k Panelists managed
over 10M Data points collected

Where there’s work, there’s fun

A fresh and lively team of professionals: from data scientists to software developers, from digital specialists to product gurus, account managers & operational wizards, we bring to the table diverse expertise and use our voices to contribute to our original products.

In a fun way, guaranteed!

Vlad CEO
Horia CTO
Nicoleta Strategy & Planning Manager
Andreea Product Manager
Ciprian Lead Architect
Alexa Account Manager
Roxana Office & HR Manager
Tania Chief Research Officer
Mihai Innovation & Insights Manager
Gabriel Full Stack Dev
Alex Full Stack Dev
Horea Full Stack Dev
Andrei Full Stack Dev
Alexandra Senior UI/UX Designer
Lavinia QA Engineer
Vlady Junior Researcher
Trust is the backbone of this team, and we wear our values on our sleeves. They define and support our actions:


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